You Beauty

You Beauty

You Beauty is a Hong Kong based company, provides professional treatments, incl. skincare, hair removal, slimming, etc. with its advanced technology.

We were honored that You Beauty trusted us to conduct their search lift study and excited to be the first agency Facebook Marketing Partner to publish a search lift study with Facebook, so as to leverage cross-channel strategy to enhance ad performance for You Beauty.

Campaign Objectives

  • Measure the effectiveness of cross-channel ad strategy (social media x search engine)
  • Drive website traffics & appointment bookings


  • Online Conversions (Scheduling Appointments) ⬆2.7X
  • Website Traffic via Paid Search ⬆48%
  • Website Traffic via Organic Search ⬆34%

The ad performance from the data-driven search lift study is extremely encouraging, and we now have a clear understanding of how adopting Facebook ad and search together can maximise our return on investment. We are thrilled to see conversions from the cross-channel ad strategy, and we are keen to continue using a cross-channel marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.