Analyzing YouTube’s attractiveness

New iMedia was invited to join a remarkable online video event “YouTube Pulse 2018”held by Google. In the event, Google specialists partnered with YouTubers and advertisers to show us how YouTube video influences the development of branding strategies. Google indicated YouTube becomes the most popular video platform in Hong Kong, as the number of YouTube channels already hits 750K and 91% of Hongkongers visit YouTube in a monthly average1. YouTube is where Hongkongers go for the video content they love. Whether they’re looking for entertainment or product information, even learning something new and interesting, they’re turning to YouTube. The uniqueness of the video content makes YouTube to be a powerful platform for brands interacting with consumers. Why is YouTube so attractive? What’s the impact to consumers? Let us find out the reasons.

1. YouTube is the HK Leading Destination for Online Video

2. Why do visitors watch YouTube?

3. Why users watch videos on YouTube?

reasons driving users to watch YouTube

4. YouTube influence viewers across their purchase journeys


Source: Google