YouTube Funnel – The Best Ad Format Strategy

Video ad market is on trend now, are you ready to invest in video marketing? Beside creative production and precise strategies, you need to launch different types and placements of video ads riding on your business goals to gain higher returns.

Leverage video content together with multiple YouTube ad formats, such as Video Discovery Ads and True View For Action Ads etc., you can set your objective based on customer journey. The objectives can be classified into three categories: “Reach”, “Consideration” and “Action”.

Want to improve the campaign effectiveness by launching video campaign based on business goals? With video and search ad, our professional team has helped customers increase their conversion rate by 53.3%!

In order to give you a glimpse of how our professional teamtailor your ad campaign by selecting the most suitable ad format according to your business development and objectives, here are the best YouTube Funnel strategies on ad formats and our exclusive tips.

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  • Reach – If you want to reach large audiences to increase brand exposure and expand influence through videos, the following ad formats are the first choice:

1. Bumper Ads – This ad format is similar to In-stream ad but it is non-skippable. It is displayed at the beginning, during or at the end of the video. Since the video ad is limited to 6 seconds, it is vital to bring out a simple and major promotion message. An eye-catching video helps  drawing the audiences’ attention to expand influence.

2. TrueView For Reach – TrueView For Reach is a type of In-stream ads which combines skippable in-stream ad with cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) model. The ad format focuses on large exposure and wide reach. If you want to reach large audience with low cost, this ad format together with 15-second creative videos and precise targeting strategies could extensively help you to reach the audiences may make purchases or are interested in your brand.

  • Consideration -Want to further raise the consideration of target customers and their interests in your products/services through video ad? We recommend the following ad formats:

3. TrueView In-stream – In-stream ad also operates on a basis of CPM. However, we could add more information in the ad to encourage audiences to take action immediately. For example, guide audiences to click the link to see more could encourage customers’ interactions to raise engagement rate and hence increase their interest in purchasing

4. TrueView Discovery – TrueView Discovery is the “search ad in YouTube”. The ad is displayed next to the relevant YouTube video, search result page or YouTube homepage. It allows your ad to reach the audiences who are searching or browsing relative videos. Together with our creative copywriting and precise targeting strategies, your discovery ad could reach target customers precisely and avoid wasting any ad spend.

  • Action – If your goal is to increase conversion rate such as “making purchases”, you may need the following ad format to strive for the most conversion:

5. TrueView For Action – This kind of ad is made to strive for the most conversion. It’s click-through-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) are usually lower than in- stream ad. We could add interactive elements including appealing content and buttons for call-to-action, headlines and ending scene, ao as to attract potential customers and guide them to the landing page to increase conversion rate or even make purchase!

Click the link below and check out our marvelous video showcases created by our professional team and get inspired!

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