Four Rules for Boosting YouTube Ad Conversion Rates

Coming up with YouTube ads that cut through the clutter and generate high conversions can be challenging. In addition to adopting a right advertising strategy, creative video content becomes the key to win. Here are four takeaways that can help you create high-converting YouTube ads.
1. Hook your audience within the first 5 seconds
Tailor make your content which is relevant to your audience and hook your audience within the non-skippable first 5 seconds of a TrueView ad.
2. Keep your video ads fast-paced and engaging
Draw attention to the video with quick cuts. You can also offer your audience games or limited offer to encourage them to take actions.
3. Create an easy path to conversion
Provide your viewers with clear instructions. For instance, simply tell your viewers “Don’t miss out” with a clickable “Shop Now” button at the beginning of the ads, making the instructions easy for them to follow and convert.
4. Custom targeting to reach your target audience
Use custom intent audience to ensure your video ads can be delivered to people who will find the content relevant to them. As long as the audience has searched for the relevant keywords (such as the brand name) or visited other selected websites, they become the custom intent audience.
By adopting the above four principles on their latest video ads, Yoox Net-A-Porter, one of the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer, successfully translated their video ads into thousands of conversions and six-digit sales. The average view-through-rate of their video ads reached 37%, which is 23% higher than the average in the e-commerce industry. Watch the video below to explore more:

(source: Google)