China Solutions

China is a market with huge potential, creating many opportunities for companies seeking to expand abroad. As one of the global leaders in digitization, China has nearly 900 million active internet users, making digital advertising one of the easiest ways to enter the market.

Expand your business

Leveraging China’s various online and social media platforms, businesses can reach hundreds of millions of potential customers, expanding their operations into the domestic market. Additionally, by utilizing big data analytics, companies can gain insights into Chinese consumers’ purchasing behaviors, further driving business expansion.


Traditional marketing approaches struggle to precisely target customer segments within China’s vast population. However, through digital advertising, we can adjust bidding models, target positioning, and select media channels to control and balance advertising costs, thereby achieving cost-effectiveness.

Multiple Targeting

By promoting online in China, you can utilize targeted placement and audience selection options to effectively advertise to the right audience based on customer and audience characteristics, such as age, gender, city, preferences, behavior, and more.

If you are exploring the China market, our team is working with major local partners to provide multiple solutions, develop effective China marketing campaigns with localized strategies and penetrative content that cater to local consumer preferences.

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New iMedia has 17 years of digital marketing experience in Hong Kong. It is the only company in Hong Kong that has been recognized as a Google, Meta Business Partner, and Yahoo Hong Kong Gold Authorized Dealer at the same time. In addition, we are strategic partners with Tencent, Meituan, and Xiaohongshu. We possess the latest technology and knowledge. Our in-house creative team and advertising expert team will provide comprehensive advertising creativity and strategies to achieve your business goals. New iMedia’s one-stop service includes creative and copywriting development, advertising goal and audience strategy formulation, advertising optimization and analysis, etc., to help you effectively reach your audience for business returns. Moreover, our self-built iMedia Platform provides 24/7 ad campaign reports and insights, allowing you to check your ad performance anytime, anywhere. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Our China Solutions Services



WeChat, with over 1.3 billion active users per month, brings endless business opportunities for various brands. We provide comprehensive services for our clients, including assisting them in setting up public accounts through Hong Kong BR, getting verified, account settings, content management, WeChat feature development, planning and executing game activities, as well as developing WeChat official websites and WeChat stores.

Xian Hong Shu

As a popular consumer note search platform in China, “Xiaohongshu” has become the first choice for users to discover new products. We provide Xiaohongshu Blue V verification service (Professional Account) for enterprises, aiming to help them establish a good product reputation on Xiaohongshu, develop a high-quality brand content ecosystem, deepen user’s brand recognition, enhance brand awareness, and quickly target the audience.

Tou Tiao

Toutiao, as the most popular information platform in China, has a huge user base and an efficient personalized information recommendation engine. This technology can quickly analyze users’ interests and preferences, enabling advertisements to reach the target audience more precisely, thus achieving greater marketing effects.

China KOL

By inviting KOLs to participate in brand and marketing events, and by having them publish promotional content on their social media platforms like WeChat, Duoyin, Xian Hong Shu,  Weibo, and blogs, you can leverage the influencers’ reach and the specific characteristics of their fan base to promote your brand to more potential customers. This strategy ensures that your products reach the most suitable target audience. At the same time, you can also utilize KOCs, who have significant influence and expertise on social media, to drive other consumers’ purchasing decisions, providing more convincing endorsements for your brand.

Duoyin ( Tik Tok )

TikTok, as a popular music short video community in China, focuses on young people’s music and lifestyle UGC (User Generated Content) short clips. With global downloads reaching 5.9 billion times, it has become a “must-have tool” for corporate marketing. Our professional domestic team provides comprehensive TikTok marketing strategies, creates videos with the “TikTok style”, and operates official TikTok accounts to enhance marketing benefits and help your brand achieve business growth on the TikTok platform.

Search Engine Marketing In China

Domestic search engines like Baidu, 360 Search, and Sogou offer a wide range of marketing opportunities. Our professional service team will take full responsibility for your advertising strategy, including selecting effective keywords, crafting engaging titles and descriptions, and monitoring the campaign’s performance. This way, you can focus on your business development without worrying about the intricacies of implementing marketing campaigns.

Mei Tuan x Dian Ping

Meituan-Dianping is a leading domestic platform for online lifestyle services in China, offering a comprehensive range of services including food, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment. The platform’s business scope encompasses more than 200 categories and extends across major cities nationwide, collaborating with over 6.3 million active merchants. Currently, Meituan-Dianping has expanded its services internationally to regions including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, France, and others.


Weimob has served over 3 million+ enterprise users, offering a suite of cloud-based business and marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. These solutions include WeMall, smart retail, smart restaurants, smart hotels, smart beauty industries, WeSite, and advertising assistants, all designed to help clients enhance operational efficiency and profitability in the new retail era.

China Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy for China Social Media

The activity level of Baidu and Weibo in China is well known. However, New Interactive Media provides a more comprehensive solution for digital marketing in China. We combine a large amount of advertising audience data and utilize the most popular topics in mainland China. On major platforms such as WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), we strategically help you reach over a billion Chinese social media users.

Content & Influencer Marketing in China

In content marketing in China, choosing the appropriate language is crucial. Our China content team will create promotional materials with the most local characteristics for you, and utilize our powerful data intelligence and more than 1,000 media networks to widely disseminate on Sohu, Phoenix Network, Douban, and other major Chinese internet portals, as well as Zhihu, Baidu Zhidao and other Chinese Q&A communities to maximize touch with potential customers and establish long-term brand trust. For industries with advertising restrictions, content marketing is very helpful. In addition, we also have a self-developed AI influencer system that can help you pair with over 200K Asian influencers.

Paid & Organic Search Engine Marketing in China

Baidu, as the main search engine operator in China, has a market share of about 65%. From promotion strategies, advertising trends, search engine algorithms, advertising policies to account verification, China’s search engine marketing methods significantly differ from other parts of the world. But you don’t need to worry. With our strong data capabilities, we will handle all related matters for you.

Programmatic Display & Video Marketing in China

Programmatic advertising in China accounts for 70% of display advertising and 30% of video advertising expenditures. We use machine learning to analyze first-party and third-party data, then accurately place various formats of ads generated by powerful banner tools onto more than 600,000 Chinese web alliances, such as leading platforms like Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and Youku. This method can not only increase the reach of ads but also drive consumer purchasing behavior. Therefore, improving advertising effectiveness and driving consumer purchasing behavior is easy for us.

Why Us?

Weimob Hong Kong Authorized Service Provider

As an authorized service provider of Weimob in Hong Kong, we take care of your China inbound and global outbound video marketing comprehensively. By combining our AI advertising optimization system and a series of Chinese market marketing portfolios, we will tailor the most suitable digital marketing strategy for you. Your advertisements will effectively reach over 800 million Chinese internet users across different screens.

China Technical Team Support

Our team in China has deep local knowledge. They will write the most attractive Simplified Chinese manuscripts for you, and provide personalized services tailored specifically for you.

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Experience in China

Over the past 16 years or more, New Interactive Media, with its award-winning digital marketing experience in China, has brought exceptional marketing results for over 2,500 brands from various industries such as e-commerce, finance, gaming, travel, retail, beauty, fast-moving consumer goods, education, and healthcare.

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